We understand you.

We, at Petpad, know pets don't like cages. We know pets enjoy one-to-one attention. We know pets prefer a cozy home with a loving sitter. We know this from Dazy, our in-house pet who has been with us for 9 years now.

Like us, pet parents find it difficult to travel. We know that finding a trusted pet sitter who will love our pet is important. We know that asking family and friends to take care of our pet every time we travel becomes uncomfortable. We also know that pet hotels will be our last choice because they offer confined spaces and are often expensive.

Petpad is a platform that can help you find and book trusted pet lovers. We know how important it is to be able to enjoy your time away. Therefore, our hosts are personally vetted and go through an approval process before they begin hosting. We provide you with complete information about the pet sitter including reviews and feedback from previous guests.

Our pet sitters, we love you! We know that you love pets as much as we do and even enjoy taking care of them. Therefore, we provide a professional platform which is specifically catered for your services.